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ADI Attitude Switch 

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Determines the unit’s frame of reference: INRTL (inertial),  LVLH (local vertical/local horizontal), and REF (reference). The INRTL position allows the flight crew to view the orbiter’s attitude with respect to the inertial reference frame, useful in locating stars. The LVLH position shows the orbiter’s attitude from an orbiter-centered rotating reference frame with respect to Earth. The REF position is primarily used to see the orbiter’s attitude with respect to an inertial reference frame defined when the flight crew last depressed the ATT REF pushbutton above the ADI ATTITUDE switch. The REF position is useful when the crew flies back to a previous attitude or monitors an OMS burn for attitude excursions. The switches on panels F6 and F8 are active during ascent, orbital, and transition flight phases but have no effect during entry, the latter part of a return to launch site, or when the backup flight system is driving the attitude director indicators. The switch on panel A6U, like the aft attitude director indicator, is operational only in orbit.




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