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SpaceT: The Handy Smartphone and Wearable Technology For Space Faring Tourists


Smart phones are everywhere. Space travelers will want to take their smart technology into space with them to capture the experiences and memories of their space flight. This provides an opportunity for dedicated apps to support space travelers in a wearable form. Consider the case where a problem message needs to be sent to a command or logistics center. The Emergency feature of the app can provide essential information to the tourist for certain situations.

The app could have an offline mode for when the user is in a remote location…or space. In the offline mode, the app could provide full access to all of its functions. All data recorded and captured during the flight could be recorded using the smart phone’s internal memory. The phone could be able to access the vehicle’s on-board sensors via an Ethernet connection. For the purposes of this Challenge, it can be considered that a wifi connection could be available. Suggested functions include: attitude detections using the phone’s built in gyro function, ‘where-am-I’ feature (navigation), space debris alerts, user manuals, orbital position tagging of photos, ‘which-way-is-down’ feature for zero-gee situations. Interface with other wearable smart technology for measurements of body functions, and to provide alerts and notifications without needing to physically view the smartphone screen.




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